With the right tool, understanding your employees is intuitive.

Put your employee experience into perspective with help of our survey. No matter how big or small is your corporation - collect the data right away!

With the right tool, understanding your employees is intuitive.
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Why is Stethoscope “the” tool for corporations?

  • Gain insights from each employee

    • Collect and analyze data through different filters (sector, office) easily
    • Give a chance to each employee to speak about their work experience
    • You will get honest and objective feedback from your employees

  • Structured feedback from your employees

    • The answers is organized through segmented reports and graphs
    • Choose the criteria you consider important and represent them in reports
    • The data is concise and ready to be implemented in corporate practice

  • Corporate-friendly tool

    • Intuitive and automatized survey saves your time
    • High response rate provides you with important information
    • Our support team is only one email away

Key benefits for:

    • Conduct scientifically based surveys
    • Follow monthly company trends based on feedback from employees
    • Maximize response rate and increase honesty
    • Get user-friendly, understandable graphic reports
    • View data segmentation based on 20+ categories
    • Feel the energy of your team
    • Increase team members’ motivation
    • Gain insights about your management style
    • Make decisions based on your employees feedback
    • Increase team retention
    • Gain objective insights in overall pain points
    • Get yearly culture health overview of company’s various segments
    • Make decisions based on your employees’ feedback
    • Having objective data to support your long-term decision making
    • Increase yearly employee retention rate

  • Based on detailed and customizable survey reports, this tool has enabled us to identify our company's major pain points and act on them.

    Daniel Ackermann

  • Employee pulse surveys were the ones that helped me be in sync with the team motivation level and detect productivity detractors easily!

    Domagoj Mirić

  • Automatized reporting, in-depth data for each team or unit within the company, and actionable insights that we can actually use later — this is everything I needed for my HR department! This tool combines easy access and automated analytical process.

    Antea Britvić

    HR manager

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  • Your investment depends on the package you want (and need!). The unique offers are listed on “the Pricing” page on our website, however, there is always the possibility of customizing the offer according to the needs of your company. Don’t hesitate to fill out the application — we’ll work together to find the best solution for you.

  • With the Stethoscope survey you get a more in-depth analysis with 100+ scientifically based questions, which provides you with detailed information about your employees’ insights on different topics that impact their motivation and satisfaction. Monthly Pulse surveys will give you regular input and MoM trends over time for organizational pulse — motivation, happiness, work/life balance.

  • Yes, we have prepared various offers, so check our pricing page where you can find amazing active offers!

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