Choose the package that best suits your needs!

The first step in feeling the company pulse: choose the package that suits your needs! We offer various features and you are free to choose whatever may help you learn more about employee.





Number of users One, five or any number of users/accounts of your choice will have access to the complete dashboard, based on your package.
Number of Stethoscope researches per year Based on the package you choose, you will be able to give the questionnaire to your employees 1 to 5 times a year.
Adding extra questions within Stethoscope survey If you need, we are offering an option to add up to 15 extra questions within the survey in order for the questionnaire to meet all your needs.
MultiLanguage Our surveys are adapted for different languages so that you can get the version that suits you.
Monthly Pulse Regular analytics on a monthly basis for following data trends. The questionnaire consists of 7 repeated questions which employees answer every month. Monthly pulse gives you the chance to follow your data trend month by month.
Monthly pulse visual report Quick and simplified visual interactive report that represents every aspect of analysis of your data. You will get a pulse visual report on a monthly basis.
Pulse reminders Employees who didn’t fill out the Pulse questionnaire will have reminders sent to their e-mail address, alongside with the reminder that will include their superior.
E-mail custom domain You will be able to send the questionnaire to employees from your company e-mail address.
Custom branding You have an option to add your company logo to our survey.
Adding extra dimensions to Stethoscope survey reporting Need different or bigger segmentation of data? No problem, we can do that too!
Market/industry comparison: available soon! Stethoscope will provide you with comparison of job satisfaction of your employees regarding market and/or industry. Follow us or contact us directly via our support email address to keep in track with product updates!
Custom onboarding process Once we agree on the package that you will use, we will prepare onboarding sessions for all the users of our platform.





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Included In All Plans

  • Stethoscope report

    In-depth data analysis for 100+ scientifically based questions, which will provide you with detailed information about job satisfaction in your company.

  • Anonymity

    Survey is anonymous and all data is processed on a group basis. No one will have access to individual data.

  • 100% Automated

    Due to automated data processing, your output will be available immediately.

  • Lifetime data

    Every information is preserved so that you can access it any time.

  • Stethoscope reminders

    Employees who didn’t fill out the Stethoscope questionnaire will have reminders sent to their e-mail address, alongside with the reminder that will include their superior.

  • Support

    If you need assistance, we are here to help - any time! Contact us via our support e-mail which you were provided with after starting your registration process.

  • Continuous product updates

    We update our product continuously in order to fulfill our vision: better, simpler, more informative.

  • Onboarding

    Use the opportunity to increase performance and bring new hires up to speed.