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  • You can easily fill out the application form on the following link. Our management team will contact you afterwards and book a meeting to discuss possibilities and find the best solution for your company. We are looking forward to see your application!

  • Your investment depends on the package you want (and need!). The unique offers are listed on “the Pricing” page on our website, however, there is always the possibility of customizing the offer according to your company’s needs. Don’t hesitate to fill out the application — we’ll work together to find the best solution for you.

  • The enterprise package gives you the most customizable approach to employee satisfaction research, on a monthly and yearly basis. The surveys are followed by in depth segmentation of collected data according to more than 20 parameters (such as teams, positions, gender, seniority etc.), all represented visually and easily understandable! With these kinds of reports, you can easily determine high-level, tactic painpoints that you can act on. More information is available at the  following link.

  • We would say — depending on your current needs. Here are some quick suggestions:


    For small and medium – sized businesses: You can start your employer engagement strategy with the Stethoscope survey which is included in the Basic package. Upgrade to the Standard package later if you see the need to check the pulse of company culture on monthly basis.


    For enterprises: We would recommend at least the Standard or Enterprise package, made for common needs of most enterprises. 

    The easiest way to decide is to fill out our contact form and schedule a meeting with our team — we will draft a proposal that best suits your needs.

  • Stethoscope provides the best visualization and presentation of all data, and yes, it is fully automated! It is entirely up to you when you want to conduct the employee satisfaction survey, and we will take care of the rest.

  • All information is kept anonymous and saved in Stethoscope’s data archive, and all GDPR is followed. All answers will be processed on the group level and no one will have access to individual data from respondents.

  • The Stethoscope survey provides a more in-depth analysis with 100+ scientifically based questions, providing you with detailed information about your employees’ insights on various topics that impact their motivation and satisfaction.Monthly Pulse surveys have only 8 questions and will give you regular input and MoM trends over time for an organizational pulse — motivation, happiness, work/life balance.

  • As many as your company has and as many as you want to survey! We are offering different packages based on your company size.

  • The main goal is that all communication is only between your employees and the company. You can use our product with your email address to improve your chances of making a more trustworthy environment. However, the possibilities depend on the package you choose; apply for the product and we will book a meeting where we can find the best solution for your company!

  • The product allows you to compare data with previous surveys and track employee trends and satisfaction over time. We can discuss the possibilities at the meeting! Apply and we will contact you as soon as possible! 

  • Yes, we have prepared various offers, so check our pricing page where you can find amazing active offers!

  • If you are motivated to learn more about job satisfaction of your employees, congratulations—  you already have everything you need to use our products! Just fill out our contact form and start your Stethoscope journey!

  • If you have an issue with our surveys, reports or your past data, contact us any time via the support email that we provide starting the onboarding process for chosen package.